This Infinite. Sonia Costantini &Luca Lupi

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This Infinite. Sonia Costantini &Luca Lupi

Blu reale 2009, acrilici e olio su tela, cm 130 x 180

Sonia Costantini, Real Blu 2009, acrilici e olio su tela, cm 130 x 180.


Luca Lupi, Paesaggio, 2015

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Sonia Costantini & Luca Lupi
March 28, 2015 18:00 Vernissage
March 29, 2015 ore 15:00 to 19:00
The cultural association SINCRESIS reopens at the end of the restructuring of the space with an exhibition set to a dialogue between two artists, SONIA CONSTANTINI and LUCA WOLVES, which are playing a creative career recognized by critics and an entourage of reference not only national and revealing through their works specificities of different routes, first abstract painting as pure abstraction, the other photography as gaze on the landscape, but susceptible to power a comparison, to propose relationships, to solicit suggestions for the observer on issues interconnected.
Sonia works with a painstaking precision that provides a long time to prepare using a spatula minimum size a pictorial fabric monochrome slim and compact, flawless, Luke focuses on the shoot attimale offering in brevity, here and now a plot to photo printing that captures the lightness and the porosity of the plot almost pictorial.
Despite the diversity of the techniques used are geared both to observe and conceive of space as a field, total fluid, infinite, enveloping, to grasp the value of color as opera festival and transposition from the environment such as outer space, the space inside of ‘ interior, reaching the minimal reduction, riconducendosi essential aspects so as to make it more visible sublimate, cross the line towards the unlimited, beyond the spatialized time and space as a fragment or precise place, to advance in life, make continuity, the indefinite, to make art that excludes representation as mimesis with the purity and elementary means.
The Bergsonian concept of time consciousness as continuity and integration of moments and visions in the endless stream, “is relativized and is opposed to the concept of time scientific, measurable set of multiple simultaneity, causes a moment will always be singular because perceived and elaborated by the ego, the sensitivity, from memory, not in a dynamic but later as a ball or an avalanche, “emphasizes Ilaria Mariotti about the works of Luca Lupi, who works sull’istantaneità act to dilate in duration so each sequence as a trace of an event than the here and now expands and takes the value of continuity.
Clouds, sea, sky, coast, snow, trees, city in its Landscapes that are never repeated as they always appear different, they are not educated as fragments representative, in fact live in subjective time and dilate in a timeless atmosphere, the beyond a before and an after that respects the succession of shots, made ineffable abasement to make room all’infinitudine horizon, the sky universe, so that even the smallest details of a landscape in which they appear barely visible figures human traces of natural and urban life, come to dwindle in the chest at all, forgiveness of concreteness becoming semi-abstract signs remotely and at the same time, approaching the look, testify to the pulse of existence, while they seem arrested and absorbed in the size of the non ‘ absolute, infinite.
“The idea that I propose – indicates the artist – when I start a project is to communicate the aspect that most excited me. I communicate these emotions through the rigor of the images. Purposes last of my work is to create images pruned from all that I consider it superfluous for the understanding of the image.
My work comes from a visual experience and perception of reality through the study of space and the passage of time. ”
Sonia Costantini processes a highly personal artistic practice eighties adopting a painting technique of high sophistication and complexity as reported by Gabriella Belli in his written presentation. “The choice is limited” reduction “to only two elements, the color and the shape, the latter, in general, hardly ever present and date for evocation or virtuality”, a trend that maintains the zeroing in each case the Their evocative character. The look remotely captures a net area, “clean” as thick chromatic dense, compact, while approaching follows weaving petite, direct expression of manual work that involves the effort and passion of gestural sign, so the eye lingers and creeps to walk a plot that takes emotional connotation and value chart confirmed by the titles of the works as blue sky or Pink violet, red orange cadmium or Warm White.
Giorgio Bonomi said that “Sonia Costantini using the spatula, small, to give the color, which at first is water, so” volatile “,” ethereal “, and requires a lot of hazing, then oil is, therefore, more full-bodied , and such that goes to protect the underlying, more mild and light “.
It is steps continuous, thin layers to make the homogeneity, while the change that could prove in weaving the sign, actually took over the color tone with which he paints the surface, which is given from one canvas to another, the endless ” variations “of the light, and that at the same time remains essentially monochrome, as if the sign itself obey the dictates of the gesture always calibrated.
“Even when the color used is darker tone remains bright crisp”, so that the texture can be captured with the look “all the ripples, overlaps, the flicker of the subject (color)”, as places where “lives the light “adds the artist, so the color” it reinforces the immateriality transparent reflection of light “in order to” re-definition of the space “not so much dilated as” sucked into the surface. ” Need concision in track and complexity in the construction of the painting process, the coexistence of rigor and lyricism, as a thought that is instilled in emotion and vice versa, so the observer as the artist remains pending revelations possible by the work which is identified with the name of the color, but that does not end with it, rather it opens to further vibration and significances.

The work of the two artists dealing with issues related to space, to color, to the reduction of items in processuality of a work in progress oriented towards the search for the essence, discovering new avenues of investigation in unique ways. 

Sonia Costantini 

Born in the province of Mantua, where he lives and works, began exhibiting in the early 80s. From the beginning his artistic research is directed to the practice of painting, experimenting with various techniques. In 1986, after participating in the “37th Salon de la Jeune Peinture” in Paris, his work will go more and more as the clarification inquiry aimed at eviscerating the values ​​luministic of the painting. In the nineties is present in numerous solo and group exhibitions in public and private spaces. These were years in which the work focuses more and more towards a painting of a single color, where the view is intensified to probe the perception of light inside the pasta color. Thus began a series of collective exhibitions in various public spaces: Museum of Graphic Ljubljana, Napoleonic Room of the Brera Academy, Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg, Galleria Civica di Modena, Palazzo Coen Salo, Kölniches Stadtmuseum Cologne, Cloister of Bramante in Rome, Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Fortress of Palmaria, Ducal Palace in Gubbio, Praetorian Palace Cittadella, Mantegna’s house in Mantua, Castles of Plon and Plüschow in northern Germany. In 2001, with the staff at the Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Ferrara, his research will increasingly the clarification as investigation of the primary values ​​of color and light. In 2004 is present in “Stories of color” at Palazzo Free Villa Lagarina, shows that wants to be an exploration of painting “monochrome” international. Many personal and collective exhibitions in numerous private galleries: Il Milione, Studio Reggiani, O’artoteca and Rubin Gallery in Milan, Spazia Gallery and Studio Knights of Bologna, Stracke Cologne, Florian Trampler of Monaco, Frankfurter Westendgalerie Frankfurt, Ventana’s Münster, Design Contemporary Art in Mantova, LAC of Brescia, Bergamo Vanna Casati, Santelmo Salo, Artopoi Freiburg and Salzano of Turin. Among the most important exhibitions of recent years, we note the collective at: Bocconi University in Milan, Neue Galerie in Landshut, Foundation Zappettini Chiavari, Fabbri Contemporary Art in Milan, Project Art ELM always in Milan, Palazzo del Podesta of Castell, Japanese Screens Gallery in Milan, the Piaggio Museum of Pontedera, Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica in Los Angeles, Kunstverein Passau and personal Palazzo Te in Mantua, Palazzo Ravaschieri Chiavari, LAC of Brescia, Galerie Florian Trampler and Italian Cultural Institute of Monaco. In the current year we highlight the personal to the Gallery Milione in Milan and all’Ikona Gallery in Venice. His works are included in important public and private collections in Italy and abroad, among them the Panza Collection of Biume. 

Luca Lupi 

Born in Pontedera in Pisa, currently lives and works in
Fucecchio, Florence | born in Pontedera, the provinces of Pisa, and presently lives
works in Fucecchio, Florence

Exhibitions | Exhibitions:
Arte Laguna Prize 2015 – Venice Arsenal
The Wall (archives) # 9 / home, Sponge ArteContemporanea, Pergola (PU)
Italy. Curated by Peter Gaglianò
Emering Talents, Lens Culture, Galeria Valid Photos, Barcelona
ArtVerona with SINCRESIS D’A Space, Verona, Italy
Spaces, Museum of Fucecchio. Curated by Ilaria Mariotti
Landscapes, Galerie Anne Clergue, Arles.
Being (s) Mystery. Palazzo Medici, Seravezza, Lucca.
Sit on it. Inner room. Siena, Italy
Circulation (s) 2014 Festival de la jeune photographie europeenne Centquatre,
Paris. Curated by Marion Hislen
Space Total | Total Space, SINCRESIS D’A Space. Empoli, Florence, Italy.
Curated by Alessandra Scappini
The Wall (archives) # 8 – beyond the railway. B.go Loreto / SP, Cremona Italy.
Curated by Peter Gaglianò
Lucca and its Walls | Lucca and its Walls, National Museum of Villa Guinigui,
Lucca Italy
Earthen Domes and Habitats, Museo Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, Italy
Six Degrees of Separation, Villa Pacchiani Santa Croce, Italy Pisa.
Curated by Ilaria Mariotti
Awards | Awards:
Arte Laguna Prize 2015
Emering Talents, Lens Culture 2014
Festival de la jeune photographie europeenne 2014
(IPA) International Photography Awards
Award Alinari 2010 Florence Italy
The Hasselblad Open International Photo Contest 

Saturday, March 28 hours 18:00 to 21:00. Sunday, March 29 at 15.00 – 19.00 hrs. Opened until to May, 24, 2015. For information and appointments: tel. 0571/73619;


Works in Exhibition

Works in Exhibition

Works by Sonia and Luca


Luca Lupi Works

Luca Lupi Works/Landscapes

Luca Lupi Works

Exhibition Sonia & Luca

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