Hello Pump Pump Safe Pain Relief

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Hello Pump Pump Safe Pain Relief

Enrico Bertelli Andrea Federico Cavallini D’Amore Dario Gentili Juan Pablo Macias

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Vernissage Saturday, March 15, 2014 18:00     Sunday, March 16, 2014 17:00

The association SINCRESIS presents the work of five artists who live in our area doing each his own creative path and who met to propose an exhibition in our spaces. Title and subtitle of the exhibition are completely disconnected from each other and are not related to the exhibition. Hello Pump Pump is the name of a racehorse. Safe pain relief, the contraindication is written on the box of some medicines. The text was produced by the artists mixing the words (ten each artist) with which each has summarized their work. Hours: Saturday, March 15 hours 18:00 to 21:00. Sunday, March 16 hours 17:00 to 8:00 p.m.. Monday to Saturday at 17:00 to 20:00 until April 15. Enrico Bertelli After scientific studies he started working as an illustrator at a newspaper, “Il Tirreno” and collaborates with various magazines and with an animation studio as a production designer. In the eighties, during the first show on his creative journey exposes scraps, clippings of an illustrator, collages made with the slag of their work, realizing that for him acquire a sense or meaning than the other outcomes of its production. Of his work he says “that goes against the arrogance of the evidence” and looking through his poetry to state his point of view on reality, life and show its complexity. In recent years he has exhibited in the following spaces: Gallery Peccolo (Livorno), Gallery Maria Chilena (Milan), Studio Delise (Portsmouth), Coughs Gallery (Florence), Westwnd Galerie (Frankfurt), Fundacion Aghata Ruiz De La Prada (Madrid) G96 Galerie (Berlin), Galerie A Coté de L’agence (Paris). Federico Cavallini E ‘was born in 1974 in Livorno, where he lives and works. After studying technical and commercial degree in Medieval History at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Pisa. He moved to Rome worked in the studio of Fabio Mauri. Always intrigued by the gestures of the primordial human activity such as the collection, cataloging and manipulation of materials, supports the thesis that “art is born from an innate desire to transform broken only by the act of creation that is primordial and in some so deadly. ” Andrea Love E ‘was born and lives in Tuscany. He spent time in the metropolis and in the wilderness. Degree in literature scholar of anthropology of food. Plays an independent path as a cook-chef. Is expressed with art films in duo Ciboideale. With Pianox12 realizes experiences-related projects problematization of the obvious. More closely related to his being takes care of himself and objective. Dario Gentili Born in 1985, lives and plays some years his creative journey in Livorno. Juan Pablo Macias Born in 1974 in Mexico, in his artistic itinerary explores the relationship between the systems of representation and ‘affection, and similarly between institutional knowledge and knowledge insurgency. With his actions, interventions and work on archives, intends to cause tension between the institution, the artistic practice and the social field, leaving the semantic level through the production of programs that operate directly on the biological, social and economic. His work has been exhibited in major museums internationally.









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