UNSTABLE BALANCES. Works by Aldo Lurci & Stefano Turrini

By on 12/05/2016 in Exhibitions

Friday, May, 13, 2016 Hour: 5:30 p. m.  

Saturday, May, 14, 2016 Hours: 3:30 p.m. – 8:00 p. m. 

 The creative work of Aldo Lurci and Stefano Turrini is oriented towards the search for the invisible poetic combinations, as if the dynamics geometries that appear on paper media navigate free and floating in the infinite space to meet and collect hidden energies, subtle but ubiquitous. In their dynamic development working near to originate imaginary forms, read, elusive than any definiteness, preferring to camp in undetermined. “The space creates forms or the shapes create space? – Asks Franca Santini analyzing Aldo Lurci’s works – the ability to synthesize, shiny organization of each element, the playful primordial of all forms “, are the signs now absolutely identifying the artist that transmits a charge of extraordinary energy. Rigor, consistency, certainty stand as a pictorial drawing fundamentals of both artists, but every rule seems to vanish in the next moment that you confirm in advance on the side of the divergence and heterodoxy as ‘lateral choice’ because the need of lyrical variation appears instead of the static and exact stiffness, so each balance becomes unstable subtly, each defined structure is never final but runs on the tracks of the change, each building becomes ‘feeling’ as emphasized in its time Osvaldo Licini, inaugurating the slope of lyrical abstraction in the Italian context of the thirties of the twentieth century. “The transfiguration of Stephen, the changes of his figures, its organic geometries, generative of new forms, as provided for unpredictable, break established patterns and categories – Attilio Maltinti said in the text devoted to a recent exhibition of Stefano Turrini – questioning, explore, imagine for preferring other routes of the mind on the path of knowledge imbued with humor and internal states that disarrange the perfect order and absolute to go further up the emergence of elements that seem to contradict him, in a continuous game, from geometry to matter, the structural construction to the color-pulse unusual paths for advancing and dig up to cause the observer disorienting effects, so as to make curious and challenge his perspicacity and his subtle perception to discover the “color shade” in compositions and essential architectures.

In continuous dialogue with the space, the color scheme, the generative form two artists’ works allow the eye to move beyond the visible, not give in, in the undefined, the not ended, despite living in the narrows of the finiteness, to break free and find in the chromatic gestures, in mixing the painting process, in the dynamic ‘alternating of inexhaustible narratives of the space a route further increasingly viable.


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