High Specialization Courses/ Master in New Technologies/ SINCRESIS

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High Specialization Courses/ Master in New Technologies/ SINCRESIS

From the next spring (March 2016) SINCRESIS in collaboration with Technological Laboratory in Digital Image and Communication directed by University Professor Vito Cappellini in VAR Group /SESA Group in Empoli opens a series of high specialization courses.

Our courses of specialization are intended for those who are oriented to acquire skills related to curating and organization of cultural events in visual arts, video productionand photography, design exhibitions, publishing and digital environments.

The approach is based on a teaching proposal in which the theoretical part is matchedto practical application, through direct experimentation, as in an active laboratory, to respond to demands and needs of those attending. Comparison, collaboration, cooperation, critical reflection, self-evaluation are privileged aspects and are relevantas steps of a process of teaching learning based on learning by doing and targeted,through careful planning, the construction of a path useful to the certification of skillsof high professional level.

The ultimate goal will be the training of curators, professionals and experts capable of designing materials and organize events based on demands of the artistic and culturalsystem of a public and private institutional-level.

We premise that the association SINCRESIS in the exercise of professional coursesindicated is requesting accreditation to Tuscany Region and quality certificationto ISO system.


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DEADLINE  February, 29, 2016

INFORMATIONS & CONTACTS: info@sincresisarte.com

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